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Gabby fishing with her dad
"We cannot learn without pain." -Aristotle

What happens when a person can't feel pain? A LIFE WITHOUT PAIN is an exploration into the day-to-day lives of three children who literally feel no pain. Three-year-old Gabby from Minnesota, 7-year-old Miriam from Norway and 10-year-old Jamilah from Germany have a genetic defect so rare that it is shared by just one hundred people in the world. Their parents must watch their every move, but even their vigilance hasn't shielded the girls from many serious, life-altering injuries. As we follow these families coping with this enormous challenge, we learn that pain is really a gift that no one wants, but none of us can do without.
Gabby in a wagon girl with bird girl wearing hat girl wearing hat girl wearing hat Group at 2005 South By South West Film Festival, Austin Texas Gabby's School Photo Group Group shot

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