Film Synopsis

Quick, who was Jimmy Carter’s vice president? Don’t remember? It was Walter Mondale, the understated and earnest Midwesterner who spent his life as a servant of the public. Fritz tells the story of Mondale’s personal life and public legacy, featuring rare archival footage, family films and interviews with President Carter, Vice President Al Gore, Geraldine Ferraro (his running mate in the 1984 presidential election), family and friends. This film reveals a man who never wavered in his commitment to civil and human rights, and a man who stayed grounded in his Minnesota roots. Along the way, he changed the role of vice president, selected the first female vice presidential candidate in history and became a living example of what a true public servant looks like.


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Mr. Mondale speaking at the University of Minnesota Law School screening

Educational Outreach Program

To further underscore Mr. Mondale’s commitment to inspiring the next generation of public servants, a discussion guide will be developed to accompany the DVD. These materials will be distributed throughout Minnesota to stimulate discussion and motivate students to consider how their actions can impact the world around them.
“It’s not about Democrats or Republicans. It’s about human nature.”
— Walter “Fritz” Mondale
Interview from FRITZ: The Walter Mondale Story