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This film was made with generous support from:

Barbara Aman and Bill Easton
Robert Barnett
Mike Berman
David Beiging
Susan Burns
David Busby
Edward Campbell
Mike and Anne Ciresi
Rachelle Chase
Chris Clouser
Rick and Hallee Conkey
John and Sage Cowles
Barb and Fran Davis
Mark Dayton
Jim and Pam Deal
Dorsey & Whitney LLP
Mike Erlandson
Larry and Barbara Forster
DFL Education Foundation
Tom and Mary Gegax
Matthew and Patricia Goodman
John and Christie Graham
Joan Growe
Renee Haugerud
Susan Haugerud
Bud and Carol Hayden
Harry Jacobs
Helen Jayes-Jirak
Jim Johnson
William Johnstone
Paul B. Klaas
Marikay Klein
Michael and Tarand Leonard
Boyd Lewis
Joe Lockhart
Bill Luther
Richard Magnuson
Owen Marx
Andy Meyers
Eleanor Mondale and Chan Poling
Ted Mondale
William Mondale
Thomas Moore
Bridget, Matt, Mark and Chris Morris
Mary Hayes-Morris
William Mullin
George and Sally Pillsbury
Lesli Rawles
Larry Redmond
Ruth and Harold Roitenberg
Amos and Marsha Rosenbloom
Lee Sheehy
Bill Sieben
Michael Sidley
Nora Slawick
Richard Solum
Susan Stuart and David Nelson
David Strand
Paul Rexford Thatcher, Sr.
Union Dime Inc.
Moira Urich
Marc and Renee Usem
Ruth Usem
Thomas Vilsack
Ray Waldron
Irv and Marge Weiser
Wellstone Action

Archival Footage and Photos

Eleanor Mondale’s home videos and photo albums
“Almanac” and “NightTimes” footage courtesy of Twin Cities Public Television
“Barbara Walters Special” courtesy Minnesota Historical Society
Hubert H. Humphrey Museum
KSTP-TV news footage courtesy Minnesota Historical Society
Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Catalog
Macalester College Archives, DeWitt Wallace Library
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Minnesota History Magazine
Minnesota Historical Society archives
“Moore on Sunday” footage courtesy Minnesota Historical Society
People Magazine
“Battleground Minnesota” footage courtesy of Phillips Community Television
Time Magazine
Twin Cities Public Television
The New York Times
“The Northland’s News Center” in Duluth
US Senate Historical Office Photo Collection
Wellstone documentary
WCCO-TV archival news reports courtesy Minnesota Historical Society

Thank You to the Following Organizations and Companies

Alpha Video
Blue Moon Productions
Carry It Forward Productions
Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum
Channel Z
Great River School
Hard Working Pictures
Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota
IFP Minnesota Center for Media Arts
Minnesota Docuclub
Minnesota Film and TV Board
Minnesota Historical Society
Minnesota History Center
Minnesota Women in Film and Television
Moonpost Productions
Moving Pictures Film Festival
Pavek Museum of Broadcasting
The Southpaw Group
University of Minnesota Duluth
University of Minnesota Law School
University of Minnesota Twin Cities
WCCO Radio
Twin Cities Public Television

Thank you to everyone else who helped along the way

Britt Aamodt, Diane Adams-Graf , Ace Allgood, Matt Anderson, J. Brian Atwood, Gladys Auz, Meryl Bailey, Susan Beasy Latto, Paul Bengston, John Berends, Shayna Berkowitz, C.J. Bratten , Justin Buoen, Susan Burns, Gabriel Cheifetz, Xinxiang Chen, Lea Chittenden, Paul Clark, Tony Clark, Pam Colby, Deanna Congileo, Jean Conner, Tricia Corne, DeAnn Dankowski, Sandy Date , Randal Dietrich, Robert Donlan , Dan Elsenrath, Terry Evans, Suzanne Fedoruk, Page Felber, John Fulton, Ashley Goetz, Christie Graham, Dave Hage , Bill Hanley, Michael Hay, Katherine Hedin, Brendan Henehan, Tom Holter, Ellen Holt-Werle, Brian Horrigan, Kathy Horton, Cynthia Huff, Larry Jacobs, Mike Jaros, Anne Kaplan, Biff Keough, Katie Kiefer, Jessica Kohen, Gayle Knutson , Shari Lamke, Phil Lawrence, Patrick Leahy, Sally Lederer, Tony Lee, Lu Lippold, Cindy Levine, Dan Luke, Jane Minton, Jessica Mooney, Albert Nason, Kari Nolan, Rebecca O’Leary, Sade Ogundiran, Wendy Paulson, Lynda Pedersen, Tom Perron, Jack Probst, Jenna Probst, Tom Probst, Barbara Reyelts , Bedrich Rios, Jannette Rivera, Kiki Rosatti , Amelia Ruth, Jill Sandeen, Sara Saunders, Warren Spannaus, Jane Stauffer, Laurie Stern, Brian Szott, Jennifer Thompson, Stephen Usery, Keith Webster, Jay Weiner, Christina Wessel, Paul Wollemann, Sylvia Wollemann, Mark Wollemann, Jenna Wollemann, Sarah Yates, Glenis Zempel

Special Thanks to the Mondale Family